How Many Goals?


Way, way too many.

That's how many Sustainable Development Goals the Elites set ourselves in 2015. To be hit by 2030.

So much worthiness contained therein. Even the most hardened of cynic-cum-conspiracist couldn't fault to champion at least a fair few.

Yet, the analysis [sub'n req'd] of Messrs Lomborg and Peterson is at one scathing...;

"In 2023, we’re at the halfway point, given the 2016-2030 time-horizon – but we will be far from halfway towards hitting our putative targets. Given current trends we will achieve them half a century late. What is the primary cause of our failure? Our inability to prioritise. There is little difference between having 169 goals, and having none. We have placed core targets such as the eradication of infant mortality and the provision of basic education on the same footing as well-intentioned but peripheral targets like boosting recycling and promoting lifestyles in harmony with nature. Trying to do everything at once we risk doing very little at all, as we have for the last seven years."

Yet at two, also hopeful. Crack prioritising and we'll speed through.

(The piece this above excerpt is from goes on to offer two priorities; around fixing child hunger & early years education.)

We've all been on the course.

What prospect is unaware of, say, SMART Goals. Or its evolutions (eg see 2011 & 2015). Or even one of the myriad other such frameworks. Like the Goals Less Wild reappraisal (also from 2011), myriad 'boards' for visually displaying them, and the contemporary classic Systems > Goals.

One standout Sales point emerges.

How many goals does your prospect have?

Are they at the '169' end? Or the more prioritised end?

Even cite these volume of (un-) Sustainable Development Goals with them.

Then when you know them, you can talk about their relative rankings.

And duly align yourself with the key goal you alone can uniquely help make happen for them.

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