Should You Keep Attacking?

Always enjoy seeing a presentation technique outside the confines of a meeting room.

Who knew one could emerge from elite level football’s technical area?

Danish side Brondby had a big game over the weekend.

As the match neared its final whistle their manager felt he couldn’t be heard over the noisy crowd.

So sent an assistant into the changing rooms to write down his message on a whiteboard to then show the players;


It became an instant internet classic.

Even the club themselves joined in.

With special mention for after-match victory celebrations.

There’s much to admire. Despite the ribbing.

Yet there are learnings for us on our field of play.

Who could read it on the other side of the pitch?

One of the best investments a sales presenter can make is in a bundle of extra-wide nibbed marker pens.

Also, you have to love the sloping line of the writer.

They had all that canvas at their disposal. So why not fill it?

Each word could easily have taken up half the board.

Then finally, and perhaps a little more abstract, if you had a phrase you’d want your colleagues or potential clients to bear in mind, what would it be?

You can always have it up on your whiteboard as they enter the room, whether in-person or virtually.

And maybe nab your own winning hashtag like #KEEPATTACKING for yourself and your project too.

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