Trio Of Show Ads With Sales Deck Crossover

I walked through a trade conference. Not being my area of operation, I was intrigued to see how the 75 assembled vendors framed their world.

In the main, I was struck by how little had changed over the past three decades in this domain of the annual supplier stall set-up.

In this post, I’ll look at the presentation techniques of the top three ideas I saw. In another, I’ll assess the language used in their pitches.

Above, you’ll see my remix of a prominent ad seen around the showfloor.

The original displayed the cleverly crafted question;

Looking for a more complete solution?

With various elements of individual lettering missing just as I’ve built in here.

Kudos to the marketeer that produced that. And happily fairly simple to replicate in your slideware of choice for your own selling decks.

Especially if you don’t Forgetica this font that fits well here.

Next, I heard one industry veteran implore fellow sellers to truly know what particular problem they were solving for their clients.

One outfit decided to frame this type of ‘problem statement’ beginning with the words;

Tired of … ?

They actually went on with their next three words being “… the cost of …” but again, you could insert your own here.

Although I would say that it’s a pretty bold opening. A bit like why you never say to a prospect outright, “what’s your problem?” As the answer is often to push back, denying any problem could ever taint their progress.

Without being quite so abrupt – dare I cite the starter, ‘grappling with…’? – you still are well advised to talk in these terms.

Then there was the blurb printed on the bags given out as you entered, with the show guide inside. The list here I slightly amend;

98% of people say…

we are a market specialist

we’re a partner, not a supplier

we provide a personalised service

we have a better relationships

we have a different approach

we provide quality over quantity

I’ve actually worked in the industry

I’ve been doing this for years

To which they pose the question;

How do you stand out?

Now this I think does stand out…

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