Pergal Your Value

This, I learn, is a pergal. The specific name for a retail milk dispensing machine. A milk cooler, you might also say. As wikiquote states;

Noun. pergal (plural pergals) (Britain) A box containing a plastic bladder of milk (most commonly with three Imperial gallons of milk), used commercially in a refrigerated machine that dispenses the milk as needed for customers.

I’d not seen one so prominent before in a cafe.

Let alone, with such remarkable wording plastered on its front and sides. A closer zoom in;

every refill this machine uses saves 6 single use bottles

I couldn’t help but admire.

A metric, of sorts. Referencing green credentials.

The mini-leap for solution sellers is clear.

Whatever their equivalent of a refill, whether a timespan or a cycle of usage, surely our clients gain in some crucial (and hopefully unique) way from what we bring.

So then, what does each use of our wares save or make our eventual happy user?

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