Get Brexit Done

Quite the title for a blog post at this moment in Anglo-Continental time, hey.

I’d been thinking about this phrase – from purely a Sales perspective – since it first emerged.

The new UK Prime Minister of Summer 2019 flaunted it among many a freshly sticky slogan. Even installing it as platform for his annual Party conference just gone.

My selling scrutiny stemmed from a long interest in trying to boil down our marvels into a specific, small number of words.

For instance, around the start of this decade I embraced, via the HBR’s world of Strategy, the eight-word mission & most-truncated of elevator pitch.

Then I read these remarks. Paraphrasing a ‘journalist’s’ belief of the country’s present state of public discourse;

‘… a real climate of politicians infantilising language, thinking that three words would shut down debate’.

Get Brexit Done was one (chided) example cited. Along with the Leftist, ‘People before privilege’.

Come election time there’s often opinion pieces over effectiveness of snappy campaign slogans. As with this American 2016 scorecard.

Wikipedia gamely tries to curate an all-encompassing record of similar.

Even the swiftest of web searches throws up several real world recent samples. Even if some veer into Veep-esque turf.

Continuity and change. 100 positive policies. Yes we can. A new way. The classic 1979 British, Labour Isn’t Working. And the current, risible, Fully costed proposals. There’s even an Australian candidate that ran on the suggestion that, “Hope is not found in a three-word slogan”.

Which led me to the happy place of this (mobile too) online slogan generator:

Note that such phrasing is different to another three-word treatment, the hendiatris.

Yet if there is a three word phrase that opens up your prospect mind as to what you can let them do, then it’s worth adding to your pitch. One that fits your whole winning sentence into three words. Try it today.

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