Shy Kids Don't Get Sweets🍭

This is the 'insta bio' life mantra of English golf sensation and photo editor dream cover girl, Charley Hull.

I was thinking around something similar for myself as she blew up feeds the other day. Sadly, that story was not related to her terrific prowess. Yet it led me to the inescapable leaning of her driving mindset.

One of the earliest life guidance morsels I recall was simply, "if you don't ask, you don't get".

When still in short trousers, I remember wondering out loud how a telly presenter seemingly so inept had got their job. To be told, 'she wrote to them telling them how good she was'.

Then as cubrep, one early managerial encounter tried to instil in me that with so much to offer the array of potential customers myself, 'don't hide your light under a bushel'.

Verbally, in real-time, speaking to someone *gulp* on the phone the other day, I was rising above the dross by referencing the treasures from adding a node to the ol' network, when I mentioned, with the delivery of the wizened veteran rather than super-keen novice;

'Well, I've bandwidth to add something spectacular to another person's life right now, are you that person?'

This was off-the-cuff. Not my typical take. Yet spoken with glint in the eye. Where I was brought up, this approach would not be considered good manners. Empty Vessels, and all that. But confidence is so often key, so long as assuredness does not cross the line into arrogance.

Charley's angle was the taking on of an almost impossible shot, on the way to tying for runner-up at last year's US Women's Open major.

It was since called aggressive, fearless and (her own word) fun.

Blend all that and you've a recipe for scoring more than you may be doing right now.

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