What Would Your Superscript Symbol Be?


I came across a possible suspect the other day, so duly looked them up online.

I was struck by how after their company name, their idents placed a suffixed glyph high-right after the text of organisation name.

I'd not seen the particular treatment quite like that which greeted me before.

Making it pretty noteworthy.

The trio of made-up examples up-top give indication of where you can go with this.

Whilst not necessarily ideal for playing around with standard corporate visual branding, it struck me that for informal presentation when on a particular bid or with a shiny new offering, it could prove a most useful distinguisher in the minds of prospects.

If you look at all the usual suffixes, the character set of standard fonts has plenty.

Indeed, you could choose any number, letter or symbol to represent what you're about. Even combinations of them.

I thought about my own present endeavours. To unlock re-energised, advancing, distinctive video sales calls. Could that for instance mean I unleash Videoing³?

There's an interesting tension to be had between the plain and the fancy too.

Away from say your typical ordinal exponent 'power of', to utilising a lesser-spotted Cyrillic, mathematical or notation mark.

Our options are practically limitless.

Videoing, TeamsΔ, Zoom<3.

Whether your audience prides themselves on anything such as their scientific, accountant or coding skill, then there's likely some related symbolism that will appeal to them. And by associating with it in this small way, setting you apart.

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