Sigmoid Thinking

I had to run through some old notes from a few years ago earlier this afternoon to find something on how seismic shifts in sales strategy can be made to happen.  I came across notes from two Directors, speaking at company sales conventions.  Both were done around the same time in I think, 2003.  One was from Novar, an industrial group now gobbled up by Honeywell, and the other was part of virus scanners MessageLabs.

Both had used the Sigmoid curve to try and show their charges that change was coming, was necessary and needed to be embraced – or else!

I recall having a peak into this at Uni (years ago, mind!) and I realised only one of them (the ex-Novar guy) really ‘got it’.

Sigmoid in a sales context to me is all about realising where you’ve gone as far as you can, in the manner in which you’ve been going along.   And now a change is needed to keep going upwards.  Classic examples include when you’ve proved yourself somewhere over the long-term, yet performance tails off, as you’re thinking about other things, so now need the new challenge of a different environment.

There’s loads of websites where you can gather more info on Sigmoid – I’ve put a couple of links below – but to me, it’s all about recognising that there is Energy available for Change.  How can you harness how you’ve developed so far to re-invigorate, and keep moving on up?  It’s recognising this optimum point at which to change for which we can thank Sigmoid:

CEO Refresher insight

Charles Handy’s view

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