Training isn't Permament

I’ve long got frustrated at salesforces that have a boat-load of training, which then never seems to make a difference.  What typically happens, is that any info imparted goes in one ear and out the other.  Actual ‘Recall’ of what was run through can be pretty low even the day after, and practically zero a couple of weeks on.

I learned this morning that there’s a name for this; the Ebbinghaus Effect.  I just found lots of places on the web that describe it in more detail, yet only these three that offer any way of avoiding falling into its trap.

Slant from world of advertising & marketing

How to remember things

Psychological ‘consolidation’ [link dead; although possibly relates to ‘booster events’ and the principle of ‘use it or lose it’]

For my money, two strands ensure you can avoid this in a sales learning environment; only focus on one area if at all possible, and constantly reinforce what you want taking board.

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