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Popping up a slide with a quote is a vexing business for sales presenters.

Is the quote actually any good? There’s a quicksand cesspool of such supposed wisdom. Usually ranging from the outright rubbish to the lazily overused. Who in your audience really cares about what some so-called wit might have quipped long ago in a different galaxy?

Then, if you do plump for sharing such sage, how the blazes do you show it?

Let me help you first with finding inspiration.

I got held up reading an article online the other day. Some square ad was failing to load properly. When it eventually arrived, it was a ghastly brown. I couldn’t even make out who was plugging what. Yet I do remember one of the slides. It was the famous Leonardo Da Vinci quote;

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Oft quoted across all walks. Designers to policy makers and all in between.

Not all random quotes are useless.

The best though, are those from the lips of your prospect shakers. Better still, from their customer makers.

I on occasion do echo aged quotations. I like the engagement approach. Want a chatty audience? Ask them to fill-in-the-blank.

__________ is the ultimate sophistication

simplicity is the ultimate _____________

Whichever best suits your purpose.

If you like to hammer home your message further, you can adopt the strikethrough technique. Most effective with your own hand scribbled scrawl;

simplicityLESS is MOREthe ultimate sophistication

I tapped Da Vinci’s words into a search engine. Its ‘image’ option duly clicked. Up top are those that made the top of the google pile the day in question.

The aim is, to find something to emulate, adapt or expand upon from the combined nous of the planet.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a fat lot to build on with this selection though, hey? Not a ‘blank’ in sight. Mainly plain text over pics. A mist of monotone. And strangely, the popularity of flora.

You, on the other hand, can likely apply corporate fonts, photos of your prospects (people, plant & product) and go into a world of client colours. And a _____ of your own too.

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