Skynews Business Slide Makeover


I noticed recently that these small, regular bulletins throughout the day have tweaked their main way of showing info.

The most common data they flash up relate to things going up or down. Year-on-Year sales, share price, macro stuff like inflation.

So I took a few pics in front of the telly. They gave me a few ideas for doing something similar myself.


The background ‘still’ is taken from a kind of credit sequence. It features part of the iconic City of London “gherkin” building on the left, dazzling away in Skynews corporate shiny blues and reds.

Then you have the meat of the message. A central block. This has another background image. One that always relates to the item. So talking about house prices at the top, we have an aerial view of homes. A housebuilder above, then a frontal elevation of a house with construction machinery on-site  thrown in for good measure. There’s a monetary image below, then an actual shot inside a coffee shop, to coincide with those dastardly Starbucks types and their not paying any corporation tax in the UK. Ever. Apparently. (Notice that this one is slightly different, no Skynews branding background here…. no matter how legal, who wants to be associated with a tax avoider, hey…?!)


In either case, there’s great scope to copy these frameworks.


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