Slaying Status Quo Inertians

Universal Basic Income. Heard of it?

An idea from Left of Centre. ‘UBI’ self-labels as supposedly ‘progressive’.

Government gifts every single adult enough to pay the bills with food on the table and likely a telly.

Twelve grand should do the trick.

The Swiss even held a referendum on it last year. The idea went the same way of the EU in the Brexit poll.

It is not a concept I rally behind.

I recently read one proponent describe how he pushes this alleged “utopia for reality”.

“I’ve heard for three years that many of my ideas are unrealistic and unreasonable and that we can’t afford them.

And the simple answer is,

‘Oh, you want to stick to the status quo? How’s that been working out?’”

Perfection elusive naturally, but pretty bloody well, actually.


What struck me was less the rebranding of Marxism, removal of aspiration and constant opposing mindset, but the one phrase  – his “simple answer” – deliberately chosen for ultimate detractor trouncing.

Solution sales frequently (‘universally?’) encounters the brick wall of status quo preference. Whoever may be open to the requisite change, progress, evolution, revolution we can unleash, there is a dark force somewhere clinging on to the doom-laden misplaced promise that is the present position. Hopefools. Yet often wielding undue power.

The new Dutch left leaning media darling understands this. As shown by the article end summary;

“He knows there are many problems to overcome, but the first and toughest is the belief that things can change.”

Might find a useful addition to our armoury here?

You wanna stick to the status quo? How’s that been working out for you? 

Lately, today and tomorrow…?

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