When Hurried Compass Needles Spin

“Integrity is the compass we use to guide our daily business dealings”

I read this line and screamed. It was a centrepiece of communication from a poorly ran business, fresh from a rebrand.

I’ve been privy to many such exercise down the years.

Often rewarding sometimes baffling.

This one very much in the incredulity camp.

The actions of the company concerned are the polar opposite of these stated words. Not only here, but also every other transaction I’ve suffered with them. Including their prior announcement of this upcoming new corporate persona.

This is where our Sales alarm should bell.

If you have to resort to tell people where you stand, you’re on a shaky ground.

How can you demonstrate where you are?

Instead of trotting out a vacuous value – like integrity here – what example can you recount that lets the prospect realise for themselves what you stand for and how wonderful that’d be for them?

They further claim to “always have the best interest of our clients at heart”. A total falsehood. Their behaviour completely contradicts this. Don’t be caught out by similar stretches to the way you work.

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