Slide Theme Ideas From Short Film Maker

Public service broadcasting is the dragon that seems likely to be if not slayed, then soon put in a small cage on a tight leash. Digital and streaming strides voraciously devouring their monopolistic market skewings.

Which gives rise to strange attempts at updating their ‘relevance’. Today’s case in point refers to a latest BBC initiative labelled Ideas. Their subtitle; short films for curious minds.

My outlook is that this is decidedly not what their tax funded revenue should be spent on. Even if they eventually claim it is paid for by other means, it does not merit a place within their remit. Still, whilst I found the odd ‘idea’ slightly interesting, I was more intrigued by how these mini videos were presented.

They have ones produced by what appear to be boutique short film producers. In this instance, one from Oxford.

I feel that we Sales presenters can often learn from standout performers in such a field.

Most like to do summary slides with phrases that come together in an animated style which we’d find hard to replicate. Each in between live action footage of people talking with standard subtitles appearing hard coded.

Then you occasionally find a noteworthy difference.

As in here, trying to give a balanced view of this Scandinavian ‘philosophy‘.

I’ve selected below a quartet of ways from their 5min vid that we could readily adapt and use on a selling slidedeck.

It ensures you have a recurring and noticeable theme to your graphics throughout. Something notoriously tricky for the salesperson-powerpointer to get right.

I liked this method for many reasons. How easily these text effects could be achieved in your slideware of choice. The fact that you could choose your colour to swap in for their orange here to match your (or your audience) branding. And the ways you can switch up your photos, with blur, items and people giving each slide a separate feel.

The last one of these shows the actual words of the person in shot;

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