Making Your Client Great Again

Yes, we’re back with the messaging of the most polarising political leader of our time.

A President whom regularly claims the MSM (mainstream media) never bother to hail his achievements. So much so, that he has had a webpage devoted to them himself.

Linked to from his personal presence, it even has its own url; promises kept.

If so inclined you can click through for yourself.

What I’d like to raise as a Sales point – especially when looking for further account management orders – is the relevance of this particular presentation.

Regardless of personal standpoint on deployment in this case, it strikes me as a cracking template for a Proposal page.

Here there are fourteen areas where there is something to say. Shown in two columns of seven for symmetry.

Each with header, visual icon and short paragraph of elaboration.

As for the overall title, Promises Kept could refer to how your pre-sale claims have come to pass when selling as incumbent. Although you could want to adapt with your own language to tailor.

You can remind your client why they bought from you in the first place, and why it’s turned out to be a good choice. (Imagine the power of internal coaching with such a list). As well as showing that they can trust you. You deliver. Risk silenced. There is no grass greener elsewhere.

Any Prop (re)selling to an existing customer is likely to require a ‘track record’ section. And this slant here would I think work rather well.

Not so as a landscaped presentation slide possibly. The audience would be trying to read your smaller print explanations rather than listen to you. Yet as a standalone ‘infodoc’ sent through with say, three columns of two or three areas it could work too. There’s always the tantalising treatment of a single column to view portrait on a phone screen if you’ve time to offer both as a choice.

In any case, a final note on how many promises you may have made before any previous deal was done. There are a fair old few here. Can you get close to such number – or would you feel safer focusing on just a main, titular, one or two?

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