Slide To Despair

Here’s another cheeky presentation resource. Specifically, I’d only advise utilising this for internal song and dance slots.

The kind of forums with just a handful of you. They’ll be regular. You’re all probably friends (no, really). It’s pretty informal. Like a small regional salesteam, or particular bid players. Something along those lines.

I’ve been to plenty of this kind of meeting, many as a protagonist and even more as observer. Someone always, always, tries to pop in the odd humorous slide. Nowadays, they tend to show short youtube extracts. And I suppose there’s usually not much harm in it.

If you really feel you cannot avoid pushing the funny button, then a spoof Successories slide could be your thing. It’s difficult to find anyone openly admitting to liking their ‘motivational’ posters.

Yet I suspect many will publicly enjoy their nemesis, Despair, Inc. Their parodies could well strike a chord.

Here’s examples. Click on any of my chosen trio to view their full suit of (at time of posting) 112 landscape masterpeices of “revolutionary tools for pessimists, underachievers and the chronically unsuccessful“.

Despair Inc disloyalty
Despair Inc service
Despair Inc tradition

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