Soaring Annual Switchover

Looking for inspiration for your annual bookend get-together?

Then here’s another idea from the field.

Huge engineering conglomerate BAE Systems.

With their paws across everything from the biggest of aerospace tickets, through mega-defence spend to software.

One division created a name for their end-of-year meeting; SOAR.

To link with their aero-theme, as in ‘let’s soar into the new year’.

A bit cheesy maybe, but acronyms like these can often work well.

It stood for; Success, Opportunities & Annual Reporting.

These broke down as follows.

Success from the year now done.

Opportunities that exist and to pursue in the year upcoming.

Annual Reporting for both the formalities to get across, and what must be imprinted across the team to be used again throughout the new year.

There’s many a way you could remix this for your own ends.

Even come up with better, tailored to your arena.

Such meetings often take place once the dust has settled on the year past. When the order book has been officially closed off. For we all know the joys of the 32nd of December.

In which case, they’re most often termed the Sales Kick-Off, aka SKO.

Taking place say, mid-Jan.

How are you planning yours, and what are you doing differently with it, especially if now over video…?

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