Team-Wide Seasonal Rah-Rah Over Video

‘Tis the season to wrap-up and kick-off.

That corporate tradition of seeing out the old year and welcoming in the new in the form a of specific meeting (or two).

Whether company-wide, regional or departmental, no self-respecting salesteam misses the chance to use such a forum.

I’ve blogged on this plenty down the years. Having both witnessed and shaped them.

And now this year, I find myself helping people run theirs over video.

As these perceptive souls know, you cannot simply transfer what you’d do in-person to the online.

Even better, you can do so much more differently over video than you could have when gathering IRL.

It’s actually a lovely opportunity.

I’ll share a hot three of pointers so far. Should you be designing your own such session, adhering to these will help greatly I’m sure.

Flush the format.

This is old radio broadcasting speak for ripping up the script and going with the flow.

That is not to say you don’t have (whisper it) an agenda.

But it is to say the one you used last year won’t cut it this.

Think about how nine out of ten of these traditionally run.

The Numbers :: The Awards :: The Plans :: The Motivationals

Sure, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong there.

But when virtual, these must be broken down, split up and remixed a fair bit to have the bang you’re after.

No slide decks.

Whatever the message, I’ve helped people ditch the deck.

If you feel compelled to share the works, then send a link around to it, and check who reads.

But keep your quiver’s best arrow for the show.

The one with lasting affect.

Distil to a single slide.

Create a story around it.

Make your point. Ram it home. Then make it again.

No show of hands.

‘Hands up all those who…’

That’s pretty much the extent of engagement back when in a meeting hall.

Yet now through your video platform of choice, there’s so much you can do beyond this. Which nowadays is pretty much expected too.

My favourites are mini, shuffled and frequent idea generation techniques.

And there’s a plethora of ‘workshop’ tactics that can be broadened to larger scale attendee sizes too.

…After this trio for starters, if you want to know more, simply get in touch, And you too can shine from what I’ve learned whilst I’ve sat through live, literally, over a hundred of these.

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