Your Carpet Of Bubbles For Repair Lubrication

Autumn 2021 saw a fascinating technological improvement gather pace from the world of container shipping.

It emerged that serious costs could be slashed through huge ships in effect travelling on a carpet of bubbles.

The reduction in friction leading to enormous tanker and liner fuel savings from being easier to power through the waters.

When awarding a contract for such ‘air lubrication’, one shipping giant (MSC) put such savings at a massive £220m.

At the time of this particular award, the British innovator concerned had 67 vessels on its books. As understandably impressed press explained [sub’n req’d];

The system works by releasing bubbles from the keel of the ship that coat the hull up to the water line. They reduce friction between the hull and water as the ship moves, reducing the amount of fuel needed [& carbon emissions].

An estimated five to ten percent fuel saving.

Reducing friction is a fascinating concept for prospect flow through the often stormy, tidal and busy waters of our funnel too.

We have carpets of bubbles to innovate ourselves.

From both easier turning the often unwieldy hull of a prospect direction and the way they seek information to glide into the decision to put their trust in us and buy.

If we can make these smoother, we too could earn significant efficiency gains of our own.

Already there may be a point in our potential client buying process that we sense causes a glitch.

It could be caused for instance from volume our side. Or bottleneck theirs.

Classic examples include getting a quote out. Or engaging early with their Legals.

We could also engage in ‘lubrication’.

One of the all-time best is to ‘validate’ how we’d resolve their issue by showing it in the context of real data that they provide to us.

Dare I suggest the rhyme, repair lubrication?

A possible term for the effect of many bubbles is effervescence.

So perhaps as well as a carpet, you could talk of a fizz?

In which case, where are the elements of how you sell that add such sparkle?

And how can you ensure they are applied at the right time, to the right people?

From filling the funnel at the start to clinching deals at the end.

From uncovering opportunities without pushy pitching to getting customers to close themselves.

From having people approach you to getting them recommending us on.

We can take the pressure off motion and bring the pizzazz to allow more beneficial arrival at the destination.

All from our carpet of bubbles.

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