Spontaneous Video Calls

Remarkably, from as far back as (at least?) 2007. This Telenor tv ad in part promotes the then new fangled capabilities of the Norwegian telco to enable video calls on your phone.

Imagine the 'boss video calls' sequels if the employee was later re-imagined in Nordic places that were decidedly not a department store...

Still, it does throw in the interesting trope of spontaneous one-on-one video calls.

There's (thankfully) a different dynamic at play. No-one is duty bound to answer an unannounced video call from someone outside their company.

Yet there are plenty of times when such 1-to-1s are acceptable in solution selling.

They tend to have either an element of casual pre-arrangement or evolve from an already ongoing phone call.

As for the tech, I've made calls on several different providers.

There's nothing to fear making a call on consumer-driven options that most have on our phones. Likewise the quick and easy ad hoc providers that can be phone or laptop screen ready. As well as the big players, your zooms, Meets, and even (urgh) Teams. The last bracket of these might be the default for those that wish the world to see they've done a slot of work as marked in their Calendar.

The issue of platform is worth considering. Which is dependent on why you want each other to be seen.

As with almost any video call, there must be something you want to understand or get across for which the medium of mere talk or text alone proves insufficient.

Two abundant reasons for short two-way calls come from replacing an otherwise lengthy email thread and where you want to show or work through visually one specific item.

Beyond these pair, there's also the need sometimes to see the whites of the buyer eyes. You know a critical question looms. The only way you can gauge where you're at is physically seeing their reaction to it.

It's also handy to bear in mind the personality you're dealing with.

Indeed, ɴʟᴘ devotees (they're still about) will no doubt say do it for those that are visual, rather than auditory or kinesthetic in their 'representational system'. Depending on your buy-in and study findings, this could be around two-fifths of people.

Not everyone might be as gung-ho for a quick vid as you.

Meaning responses to such requests are also a subtle qualifier. How keenly the prospect embraces the vibe may well match their proclivity to want you 'in'.

Remembering the 'switch' to visuals needs to be on the premise of showing something relevant and specific.

It's definitely a tactic you want to be deploying.

Just make sure it's not solely for the sake of it, by knowing your pre-determine purpose.

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