My Roman Empire

Unlocking re-energised, advancing, distinctive video sales calls. Right now, and for the past four years, with a fair few more to come hopefully.

That's my roman empire today.

TikTokers will know this refers to the thing you think about most. At least daily. Likely, constantly.

An event, aspiration, anecdote.

In my case, I am duly consumed by helping salespeople add to their video call game. Whilst bettering their competitors, time constraints and quota.

Apparently the meme grew during 2023, out of the 'discovery' that when asked by their female partners, men would reveal they think about the roman empire every day. Filmed and posted for Likes, natch.

Which leads to the inevitable sales arena adaptation;

'... so, what in the business is your roman empire?'

Whether your prospects knows of the meme or not, it'll probably not be a question they get from anyone else. Which is invariably a good thing.

But don't take your phone out to video their answer.

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