Data Storytelling Splashes

Put the joy into spreadsheets. I’m into data but most people are number blind so I try to tell stories that paint a picture rather than focus on the numbers. I have my own phrases, so for example when I say “a Nessie” my team knows I mean a curve.

That's one of 'six from the best' from last Friday's London broadsheet The Times' weekly pop-business tips and tricks column.

From current ᴄᴍᴏ at Britain's largest provider of software for adult care provision facilities.

Whilst not perhaps the clearest example - is such 'Nessie' actually a sine wave? - the point is indeed a winner.

One which more sellers can adapt.

Only the other day did I try introduce the joys of sound effects allied with arm motions around storytelling when video calling.

One coastal town dwelling doubter converted when making the movement of a dolphin swimming alongside a boat. Ducking and diving their hand accompanied with the famed trills of the clever sea mammal.

Then thinking aloud we aimed to raise the 'flipper breach height'.

Your audience likely won't forget that message in a hurry.

That was a little bit of fun. Yet makes an important point too. There's always something, somewhere within your 'story' (or data or pitch) from which you can extract an unusual gesture. Match that with an unexpected sound and chances are you've made a longer lasting memory.

As the experience above suggests, you can score by painting their picture rather than focus on the numbers.

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