Star Interview Method

I recently came across a technique for answering tough interview questions, known as The STAR Method. It comes from the initials of its components;

Situation  Task (or Target)  Action  Result

It naturally occurred to me that this is also a useful guide to delivering proof. Showing how wonderfully your wares have made an impact elsewhere when pitching is a vital part of selling.

There’s all sorts of longer descriptions around the web. The day I googled, this brief MIT careers page came up top;


In summary, the four parts are;

Situation: background that sets the scene
Task: specifics about what was required
Action: what you did
Results: the successful outcomes

This is pleasingly straightforward. It also neatly places a structure around your storytelling. Something I know should be welcome, as I’ve strained through many a seller waffle without point or process when trying to paint a positive picture of previous solution impacts.

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