STAR Moments

I chuckled to discover another ‘star’ acronym. I now use (and teach) a different one regularly that helps both focus client stories and provide the usually missing punch.

This one is short for,

Something They’ll Always Remember

The idea is that whenever you ‘pitch’, you must have one stand-out nugget that the audience simply will not forget.

I came across this via BBC journo Gavin Esler, and his observations on what separates political leaders that succeed from those that fail.

It appears that this ‘something’ is also memorable in part because it “violates expectations”.

A quick surf found these two links, courtesy of presentation makers Duarte, about Bill Gates and mosquitoes and a video they produced for Henkel. Then there’s the classic Ted Talk where Jill Bolte Taylor produces gasps as she brings on a real human brain. With *shock* spinal cord still attached.

Whilst we as individual salespeople may not quite have access to this level of ‘wow’ trickery, there still should be something we can do or say during a campaign that does not border on gimmickry, yet does linger in the prospect’s mind.

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