Steve Jobs Soundbites

When the man credited with disrupting at least three mega-industries died this week, the out-pouring of accolades was akin to that for a beloved rockstar.

The most often played clip came from the above speech.

Don’t settle. Only strive to do what you love. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

It’s a remarkable oratory. The stories surfacing about his management approach are equally enthralling.

I particularly like the one about his reaction to the new building plan at Pixar. Three separate offices were to house animators, tekkies and managers – in blissful isolation. He’d have none of it and made sure they all shared the same space. There would be ‘only one set of toilets’ and everyone would mingle to share ideas.

Then there is his adoption of one of Henry Ford’s famous quotes;

if I asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse

A belter. And a message to any solution seller to constantly push at what a customer thinks they want.

Beautiful form, game-changing function, mass market appeal. There is hope after all.

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