Stop National Sickie Day For Prospects

The first Monday in Feb. Ew. So painful, that this year an estimated 350,000 extra Brits skive off work today.

What does the worst day for absenteeism mean for selling?

Many a wizened rep will know when Prospect Sickie Day falls.

The day after the Board sign-off meeting. The last day of the month. The day following the reference site visit to your final competitor.

They go missing in action. Radio silence. Something, anything, everything else suddenly becomes way more important than the insignificant, irrelevant thought to talk with you.

Like from ‘unexpected’ manflu, back pain or dog-walker disaster, such chance of disappearance can be lessened in advance.

In the general workplace, management foresight can set up that slot of sexy training everyone’s been keen on for the morning. That internal meet where a key, prestigious guest from elsewhere in your org speaks. The off-site lunch where “strategy” and resource allocations get vetted.

Similarly, the process-aware salesperson seeks to arrange well in advance activity to prevent prospect sickness.

Their winning angle is often the unobtrusive, disarming nature of said connection.

It certainly might not be trailed as “call to discuss approval status”.

Fixing on running through a seemingly small, yet personally important, fine tech detail of the bid can work.

So too can the long before set up of an unusual yet desired contact to speak with them.

Then if your selling constraints allow, the physical face-to-face meeting already scheduled at their place.

Whatever plan is enacted, there’s likely a particular option (or better still, array) that’s cracked this in the past that you redeploy for results. Then add to your process and ensure your prospect is that brave little soldier, immune to the sniffles.

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