Success Lesson From Murray's New Number Two Fan

Well. Andy Murray. Amazing.

Tennis is blessed with such golden rivalries down the ages. After Rafa and Roger no-one would have guessed that they’d both have to step aside so soon for Andy and Nole.

As the new Wimbledon champion he is poised for two or three incredible years ahead of him. I’ve written about his rise before from our Sales perspective. Yet in the aftermath of his blowing World Number One and lifetime chum Djokovic off the court Sunday, there was a fleeting reference to what a champion thinks about.

He recounted a  20-minute chat he had with his fellow Scot and won-everything football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, before Sunday’s victory;

“He said the things he built his teams on were consistency and concentration.

If you can concentrate throughout an entire match you’ll gain that consistency.

That was something I tried to do throughout the tournament.

It emphasises the point a bit more when someone like him says it to you.

He did it his whole career.

He won so much over how many years he was in management.”

So. Concentration brings Consistency.

I can’t tell you the number of internal rah-rahs I’ve attended and, as a visitor usually sitting back from the team, noticed with dismay how many a rep is totally disengaged.

Concentration also means being on top of key moments in a sales call.

Hopefully you know what these are in your world, how to spot them and how to ensure they’re in your favour.

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