Sunshine Saturday

The holiday trade know a thing or two about PR.

Now I learn about their label for the day of the year giving them their highest spike in bookings.

Sunshine Saturday is the first Saturday of the year. On which the UK sees the single biggest day’s sales of all things touring.

As with all good marketing, the mere thought of it surely makes you want to join in.

There’s a couple of angles here for us in our solutions realm.

Commercial B2B is not particularly categorised by seasonality.

But your corner of it might be.

In which case, there may well be an equivalent. It might be more a week, rather than day.

Although I do chuckle at naming the last day of a Quarter something like Fixing Friday. The day when your clients might tend to decide to get cracking on a project with you. Imagine using the term in the run-up…

Perhaps we’ve had this kind of day all along.

In the UK for instance, public sector budgets must all be spent by a moving goalpost around the 1st of April. Denoting the end of the governmental financial year. Whilst there have been long-running common sense attempts to make this a set date (such as March 31), it remains a day by which if you’ve not got the order, it ain’t coming in.

Your private sector prospects will all have a year-end date of their own. And by assessing how quickly or not their systems move, there’s often a cut-off by which decisions – and next year’s budget allocation – must comply.

Then there’s how you could use it as a spark for your period’s launch efforts.

The day on which most prospecting occurs?

Or the one with the planning announcements?

A Fulfilling Friday? First-step Thursday? Wishlist Wednesday?

Take your pick.

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