Supermodel Court Appearance by Videolink

Sadly, we don't all live in a multi-million listed country farmhouse. Top designers to call on as friends. With a three grand jacket happily on hand.

Then neither are we likely to be called as witness for a $100m defamation trial.

I sense we may each have somewhere dear currently enrapt devouring the ongoing Depp v Heard super-case.

The press clamour around brief testimony from supermodel Kate Moss blanketed the mainstream.

It defies logic that her appearance was uncurated.

For it looks an exercise in studied understatement.

Starting with the perfect deployment of spotlighting, camera height and seating depth. Surely impossible to fluke all three so well.

Then consider how her rural idyll Cotswolds 'des res' boasts many a glamourous room. Yet the setting selected for court is not overtly one of them.

As seen in the widely shared snapshot of the proceedings above, it may be a corner of a rarely used scullery space.

The semi-obscuring of the door may even be a way of looking 'normal'. Compositioning which evokes the constraints of the typical zoomer.

With who-knows-what household clutter on the floor screen right.

And what also might be a flooring issue work-in-progress candidly on display. Like that which can inhabit most of our own homes at any given moment.

Though where things get a little tricky to unravel begins with the walls.



Yet in surely expensive plumage. Despite the possibly magnolia-esque paint above handcrafted grey wooden panelling.

With its reminder that how many a dwelling can afford/handle doors in their own such recess?

Then we move to the outfit.

Here of a lady so well versed in the meaning of such that there can be no fluke to her chosen wardrobe.

Here's the lengthy headline of the Daily Mail;

Dressed to stress the truth: Style expert reveals how Kate Moss created air of 'authority and authenticity' with carefully-curated court look of $3,000 [Yves] Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket, 'feminine' blouse, and VERY natural makeup

The 'expert' cited, 'tv personality' Robert Verdi.

Her 'toned-down' beauty look also featured pairing the shawl collar jacket with a polka-dot pussy-bow blouse with bow left undone, helping her to look more 'easy and casual' and coupling 'authentic' with 'authority'.

In addition, 'the black and white colour combo was smart because when there’s an absence of colour it makes you look at the person’s face'. Who knew?

Perhaps another layer of tips for crafting our own onscreen 'cell'.

With the most cheeky of all, being the articles noting we only ever saw her from the waist up...

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