Supermoon Slide Syzygy


Weather guessers. Or as they call themselves these days, meteorologists.

Squillions squandered on the latest cutting edge computers. With graphics to match.

The pic above features the comforting presence of Shefali Oza. A telly weather girl in her local region for over twenty years. On duty the night of yesterday’s rare lunar event.

Her anchor shamefully introduced her to talk on the Beaver Moon. Utterly ridiculous that an English newsman uses the N American term, when it has always been known in Blighty as the Hunter Moon.

Mis-step soon compounded mistake.

Straight up, the kind of slide that features in multitudes of sales presentations the country over.

I’m not even sure it warrants even a C+ for effort.

I’m all for great images as total slide backgrounds. But for such an occurrence, theirs is remarkably dull.

The supermoon is a full 30 percent brighter than a normal full moon. Due to it being as close as it can get to Earth. So why so bleak a shot? Even when I’ve tried to uplift it a touch using typical filters.

Then there’s the title.

I absolutely loath them when they merely state the factual noun-drowned item.

Yes, I get that it’s unusual enough that the label may be new to viewers, but even so. It still rankles in the sense of a wonder-product slide having the product item number writ large up top.

Then there’s the text. A trio of bullets. Given the cash splashed on the Beeb’s weather, surely animation of them may have fitted well. Even if such treatment would be a no-no in the selling hall.

If we stick to prose, how about just three key words for Shefali to explain?


Or the numerate slant?


Either would be an improvement. More memorable. And surely the way for sales to go.

How do your latest decks check against these themes?

footnote: I’m happy to have learned a cool new word thanks to the supermoon; syzygy. You see it can have a useful selling deployment to help set you apart this week from this fuzzily reduced google definition screenshot:


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