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The inferior video conference product Teams, unsurprisingly from Microsoft, suffers compared to alternatives. Functionality, usability and speed are all bettered elsewhere. Which is noteworthy because I was a fan of being on their NetMeeting offering in this space, some twenty years ago

When obliged to log in, you can currently find their ‘add-a-tab’ options, At time of blogging here, you get to scroll down almost two hundred choices. All supposedly unleashing remote working, communication and presentation improvements.

The above collage shows those which all offer some degree of inspiration for slide design imagery. These 28 feature such diagram or chart graphical slant.

In terms of trends, roughly just under a fifth of the total assembled icons have some kind of text or letter as their centrepoint. Around a quarter try to create a fresh shape for their marque. And the split between coloured-in block or white background is pretty much 3 to 1.

Company branding can sometimes prove a fruitful source of stimulus for a slidedeck insert.

Remixing such badge formulae for your own situation.

Building on the work of typically highly paid, hopefully talented, designers can often provide a winning presentation piece.

If I had to pick a general top three as a starting place from the above, readily adaptable to add a distinctive touch to a slide, then how about this trio;

Process Cycle – top row, one in from right end – process graphics can be tricky to distinguish from the norm, especially as slide creators often resort to standard slideware wizard suggestions in the interests of expediency, yet here, taking a simple triangle and replicating through a few rotations can set your ‘system’ look apart.

List with Purpose – middle of third row – mix things up a little, rather than bog-standard lines of text, interestingly with the takeaway or in effect ‘heading’ at the foot of the list.

Path Maps – bottom row, first on the left – could be both a mini political map and steps along a journey, here with either six players across three levels or four gateways between start point and end destination.

Finally, it would be remiss of me to leave out mention of surely the best directory of such chart and diagram ideas. All from my own fair hand.

Try 101 Charts That Sell and 101 Diagrams That Sell…. (thank you!)

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