The Bagel Quandary

One of my favourite snack stops. As I grabbed an elevenses coffee, there was a German ahead of me.

He liked the look of the bagels. Yet the half-dozen or so fillings on offer made from scratch that morning left him hankering after one not there.

He wanted Emmental cheese. Then suggested they ought pair it with sauerkraut to then make a Reuben.

I chuckled to the boss that he must get told to do new bagels every day. The reply, “every two hours, mate”.

Yet this is an age-old solution sell conundrum.

To bespoke or not bespoke?

Can you charge more?

Is sales substitution likely (one product negatively taking sales from another)?

What about lengthened lead times?

Stock costs?

Extra staff costs?

Would it actually equate to greater profit?

There are plenty of sharp horns lurking atop this dilemma.

This little deli bar have made their choice.

Standard product, done well, fair price, ‘as is’.

If you do bespoke, make totally sure you charge for it.

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