The Big Issue Secret Handshake-Plus


A sixty second video clip you may wish to send anyone who insists that their word is their bond.

John Bird founded The Big Issue. A magazine available exclusively on the street from homeless vendors. Its impact took him from sleeping rough to appointed second chamber lawmaker.

His one-minute, single point ‘success secret’ is something every seasoned seller knows only too well. Here’s the text, Get It In Writing;

Never, never, take ‘yes’ for an answer.

If someone said ‘yes, we are going to do that, and we’re going to work together’ and then you go home or back to work and you start getting things ready and then you find out the ‘yes’ wasn’t a ‘yes’.

It was an “almost” ‘yes’ or “might have been a” ‘yes’.

Whether it’s a backer, whether it’s someone coming to work with you, whether it’s a partnership, always get it written down and understand what they are offering and what you are offering.

If you get all that sorted out then you’ll stop an enormous amount of heartache later on.

We all want to take people at their word. A handshake seals a deal. Initial trust which blossoms into a long, strong and fruitful business relationship.

Think you’ve closed that sale? Then why wouldn’t your freshly minted customer not want to document the fact back to you? It really does fend off bitter future pain, as well as acting as a most solid qualifier.

“Get it in writing”. Sage advice indeed. And now a useful clip to send to those a little light on the formalities to express your view and gently/forcefully (pick your place on that scale) encourage true commitment.

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