The Bigly Wonders Of Making Up Your Own Word

American elections. Blimey. True democracy takes many forms. Yet is there any country, anywhere, that’s got the voting process right?

This week proof yet again that the personalities, gaffes and presentation so often outgun policies.

The Donald has got down to the wire. He of the hairpiece, tv fame and made-up-on-the-spot views. The outsider making his splash.

Yet what has the world focused on with his latest victory?


As in his summary of where he was at after unexpectedly high numbers among his New York party members’ poll. “We’re going to win bigly”, he triumphantly stated after coming top.

The internet duly went berserk.

Self-appointed grammar police debated whether this was an actual word at all. Whether you supported him or not could be clearly seen from your view.

It was the floundering speech of a three-year old. Yet no-one complains when Shakespeare invents a word.

Whichever you lean, the evidence is indisputable.

Made-up words dominate airtime.

There’s quite the meme for exactly that.

And as far as presentations go, they can be golden.

You make up a word and you can own a bid.

Should it both position your unique and (crucially) relate your prospect’s viewpoint, you are onto a winner.

In The Trumper’s case, if he’d rather uttered, “Americans, you’re gonna win bigly” you could argue he’d have hit “Yes We Can” out the park.

Neither creating your new word nor then getting it adopted are easy.

Yet there’s a slew of ways to have a go. The most common being to play with adding a prefix and suffix to a word associated with what you(/your prospect) seeks to achieve. Closely followed by mashing up a pair to form your own new marvel to rival anything from brainstorm to cargument.

Imagine doing it sitting alongside your prospect.

And then you too, might win bigly.

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