The Bismarck Denial

I heard one of many recent withering takedowns of the current state of much of the World's 'free press'.

An old-timer - whose political views had openly travelled right 'round 'the horseshoe' - bemoaned the apparent irresistible drive most journalists today feel to be campaigner first, reporter second.

To help show the drift, he highlighted what he considered the forgotten' ABC of journalism';

Assume nothing, Believe nobody, Check everything.

With exasperated chuckle, further illustrating this by citing Prussian warmonger, Bismarck;

'never believe anything until it has been officially denied'.

With one of my Video Calls That Sell book chapters (& on-screen modules) being Political Mapping, this all naturally grabbed me.

When assessing the various states of predisposition towards you among the prospect players, all these are vital 'sense checks' reminders.

Indeed, one of the seminal Sales texts refers to the concept of having to uncover the "hidden reality".

The journalist angle here proves a timely reminder. One that can perhaps be furthered by also realising, who might have denied they're going with another option?

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