Go Ooh-Kry-E-Na

Go Ukraine.

The Madman invasion halts in the face of fierce resistance.

From one of the multitude of reports detailing the Russian failure to complete a swift colonisation during opening weekend assaults of unjustifiable war;

There is a military saying: “Amateurs talk tactics, professionals do logistics” and it appears that Russia’s push for a blitzkrieg, lightning victory has not factored in a drawn out war in which logistical support is key.

It seems that the Ukrainian army has smartly been attacking enemy supply lines. Meaning Putin's frontline troops are without fuel. Both for vehicles and - as another old saying goes, 'an army marches on its stomach' - leading to humiliating scenes of bumbling Russian special forces trying to loot supermarkets, desperate for food.

Transferred to a Sale environment, even the most youthful of selling careerist will know the multitude of people who can proffer an opinion on what they should be doing next on a bid.

Make 'this' call. Write 'that' email. Arrange 'the other' meeting.

To extend the metaphor, 'amateurs' are those for whom selling is not their daily specialism. Those without any personal ownership of a quota. Those not directly accountable for business written.

We need to show that we are the pros.

Tactics are all well and good, yes. There absolutely is a place for getting on top of them. Select, fit, apply the right one to the given transaction in play.

It is so clear though, that 'logistics' is what makes us truly shine.

Where what we enact at any point feeds into the wider, broader, deeper, longer campaign.

How are supply lines of influence and favour and Yeses run ever smoother.

The flow of proposal acknowledgement to commitment. Idea exploration to acceptance. A budget once frozen to warmed release.

Our logistics is our sales process. That pattern of events - repeatable, sustainable and distinct to you - that overwhelmingly lead us to winning the client.

I know that as a professional yourself, you'll be able to show a crazed, gangster-dictator how it's done.

Go Ukraine.

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