The Un-Fake Importance Of Your Snappy Three Word Purpose

An impromptu press conference. Salivating journalists. Presidential defiance.

Thursday saw the latest, addictive, Donald Trump theatre.

Yet another Sales gem.

This time, courtesy of utter arrogance from the BBC.

They have a man in Washington. A prize posting. Jon Sopel with the plum. 

Picked out then owned by “45”, here’s the painful exchange.

loser: Could I just ask you, thank you very much, Mr President. The trouble…

President Trump: Where are you from?

loser: BBC.

President Trump: Here’s another beauty.

loser: That’s a good line. Impartial, free and fair.

President Trump: Yeah. Sure.

loser: Mr President…

President Trump: Just like CNN…

Not to mention the final nail. A truly reputation-shredding comment spluttered, trying one assumes, to be alpha funny; “… we could banter back and forth.” The bromance thigh slapping surely joshed forth.

The nadir? Sopel dropped the pitching staple of three words to convey his “purpose”.

A total disaster.

Impartial Free Fair

Listen to those again.

Yes, the first and third are too similar.

Yes, the trio eschews depth for shallows.

But a bigger Yes… what on earth is going on in the middle there?




This will be news to the millions forced to pay the archaic tax which allows the Beeb to function.

The Annual Licence Fee.


That is certainly not free.

Do employees believe it to be free though? Brainwashed by the corporation’s spin on this; “just under 40 pence a day”. Nice piece of atomisation, there.

Unsurprisingly, the joker revealed his Twitter feed filled up with viewers asking him for their money back.

He tried to make light of it. Ha ha. With that ‘new job title’ of “another beauty” rubbish. Which only made it worse.

Coincidently I blogged on the crafting of your 3-words – a viable, recommended device – only a few days ago.

And from the East Wing of the White House we hear another sharp lesson.

The reporter in question, a seasoned chap, sought to ‘press’ on the “chaos” surrounding the freshly formed administration.

Yet his revealed core values did more to place him and his news gathering colleagues in turmoil rather than his prey.

He chose to trumpet three words to show his audience – the “Leader of the Free World” no less – that he wasn’t “fake”. (As in ‘fake news’, as per the President’s implication). Yet at least one of his proudly chosen principles is demonstrably, patently, unarguably Fake. 


So innocent sounding. Yet when misfiring, then all the potential power gained ebbs. To the extent you fall.

Three words that sum you up are wonderful to have on the tip of your tongue.

Another reminder here then to check on whether your compelling trio land as real. Or fake.

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