The Emotional Transportation Business

Here’s another in a growing canon of work around the power of storytelling. Former film producer Peter Guber is entertainingly on the promotion trail for his tome of tips; Tell to Win – Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story.

Pushing an open door for sure with me, as you can see in the above promo clip, he talks in terms of five steps;

Motivation  Audience  Goal  Interaction  Content

I like his switch that it isn’t just about storytelling, it’s telling a purposeful story. He majors on isolating the emotional components of a story. And has deduced what he calls his “state of the heart technology” to change the game.

For further explanation, Fast Company ran this interview, a Forbes blogger provides a piece of advertorial which is of some worth and Techcrunch filmed an interview too.

Suffice to say, his calls such as to be authentic yourself and “get in state”, create a relationship not a transaction, have participants not passengers and use what moves you are all top drawer steers.

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