The Lamb's Really Good

It’s so rare that when it happens I’m compelled to celebrate.  Someone in retail knows how to sell.  Gavin is the kind of South African that gives you hope the country can in fact survive the lunacy endemic in the current regime and give rise to a true rainbow nation.  I think I was Cafe Sofia’s first ever customer.  The owner is a large Bulgarian, one of around 1,500 he says that came over to Cape Town recently.  The community must reside far away though as mainly tourists tend to use the cafe.  I enjoy lunching on their eclectic tapas, and there’s a pasta I like at nights.

Gavin said to me the other day, “you always have the same thing, you must try something different today”.  I pointed out that the reason why I re-order, is because I like it, so why bother trying something else?  He insisted, and recommended some lamb dish.  I acquiesced.  It was a good choice.

Gavin made sure I was aware of this.  It was a great display of retail selling.  And it can so easily be applied in particular to wholesale distribution, or indeed any environment where you receive on-going trade.

How often do you hear concepts like ‘add a line’ or ‘try something new today’, yet rarely see them in practice?  What Gavin had done, is make me more of a loyal customer by expanding the range of products I would select, giving him the chance at more revenue.  And at the same time, make me think he was treating me as a valued customer and individual.  Heart-warming.

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