The 'Not' Description

One of my cold-callers is having success by explaining what we do, through stating what we do not do.  All our suspects run sales teams.  They often (mischievously) claim to receive hundreds of calls a day trying to woefully peddle them stuff they already have and don’t need replacing.

To overcome this potential obstacle, she says, “let me reassure you we are not crm, we’re not training and we’re not recruitment…”

Her feminine charms seem to get a reprieve from Grim Reaper’s hung-up dialtone, and she can go onto say what it is we actually do offer.

It’s an interesting angle to begin a phone pitch, as the text books will claim you should have a snappy one-sentence description focusing on what you do ‘do’.  Yet I’ve heard this work first-hand, so who’s to say that if you reckon your own call target will hate to receive certain cold-calls, why not similarly assure them you are indeed ‘different’.

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