The Little Used Pricing Trick That Helps Your Proposal Win

Here’s a great reminder I got from The Atlantic mag the other day.

Never put solely a single pricing option in your Prop.

They use the example of Netfilx testing prices for their soaring video streaming services.

The summary is short and sweet;

good, better, best

The quoted research here doesn’t precisely show overall sales rise when three options are offered over two or one. Yet they do imply that people ‘upgrade’ themselves from an originally lower price point when three choices exist.

I also reckon, just like the (super-)bargain to (super-)premium labels in their beer example, you should name your alternatives.

I don’t just mean the obvious precious metals, olympic medals style either.

There’s all sorts of nuances around the difference in actual price level between each step you can contend yourself with too. Yet the banner point remains – whether you have marketing creativity appear or not on this – just about any solution salesperson is given leeway to get cute with presenting options. So bundle up in this triple light wherever you can.


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