The Moral is to the Physical as Three to One

I came across this military adage from a former British army officer. It is apparently Napoleon’s dictum of war. Who did have at least his final six years on St Helena to mull that one over.

In the modern-day context that we "will probably cite Ukraine as one of the greatest ever examples of its truth".

Moscow may outnumber Kyiv troops. Yet 'there are signs that the steely determination of Ukrainian troops is breaking Russian morale'.

The physical side of the equation for the invaders is diminished by rampant corruption, leadership incompetence and technological lagging. With perhaps the worst indictment being that forces are now overwhelmingly manned by those with zero interest in battle. Supposedly elite fighters now wiped out. Replaced by unwilling conscripts, punished regular soldiers and 'the dregs from prisons'. All sentenced to life in the meat-grinder.

Whereas the moral drive of those invaded swells; "every soldier in its army knows that they fight to preserve his own home, his own family and ultimately himself from the horrors of Russian occupation".

This has huge resonance with solution selling.

Take when two products compete head-to-head on a bid.

So often on paper, one appears the shoo-in.

But like wars, deals aren't won on paper.

Complacency, spin and expectation can all get in the way of the self-appointed pre-ordained natural choice.

Down the years I've so often said, "the best product seldom wins".

Where 'best' holds interpretations ranging from cheapest, through market leader, to even magic quadrant labelled.

You can prevail under such relentless bombardment

When the contract gets awarded on comfiest fit to the precise prospect needs. On what any price premium uniquely brings them. On genuine meeting of minds. On the understanding of real legacy. Indeed, on where the 'bigger' player is lacking.

You can laser-in unashamedly on what the prospect really wants. You can indulge in a spot of 'enemy building'. You can find, gather and grow with those who to their core believe, share and support your purpose.

And then you too like the Ukrainians, no matter what external factors may yet shatter, can gain that treble-scoring moral high-ground to generate more victories than defeats.

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