The Similarities Of Writing A Bestseller Novel & Selling Your New Product

Children’s author Holly Bourne appears to have scored a hit with her first fiction for grown-ups.

Having heard the premise (nine monthly snapshots of whether a woman leaves a relationship clearly not right for her) I was further intrigued to see her deliver her four tips for writing a novel.

The 2m49s vid can be watched on the top of this bbc page. Her quartet could be summed up as;

Just write, write what you know, write anywhere, don’t give up.

She elaborates. As the picture above shows her demonstrating, she suggests you ought write a little bit everyday. Be curious about what’s around you. Don’t be fussy about who you look to for inspiration (speak to anyone). And don’t fall for ‘imposter syndrome’ by talking yourself out of belonging or carrying on.

It struck me how jolted into doing (creating) something – anything – I was after watching such a small snippet.

I also couldn’t help but think of selling parallels:

Do some new selling however seemingly small each day.

Look into the depth of what surrounds your patch and potential customers’ world.

Seek out anyone and everyone about the problem you’re aiming to resolve afresh.

Remember you and your product are worthy, keep on going through the thin.

Four basic, foundational, maybe even obvious pointers, you might think.

Yet sometimes you need to remind yourself what’s required to make something new stick.

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