The Simple Surfing Switch Which If Subconscious Boosts Your Selling

henry wallop telegraph opening 2016-03-08 highlighted

from The Telegraph (London) news site – highlighted line my addition

I could hardly believe this when I read it. Compelled to comment.

B-school prof Adam Grant reckons it’s because most people accept the default browsers. Made the effort to use Firefox and Chrome, “and that act of initiative, however tiny, is a window into what you do at work.”

Pushing a wide open door, as I use Chrome (Canary) on my laptop, Firefox and Opera on my phone and (whisper it) an adblocker browser on my ipad.

Whether you buy this finding or not, it does open a neat interview question.

When hiring, ensure you find out the candidate’s browser choice and confirm/challenge your preference prejudice at your leisure.

As footnotes, the reporter shares a pair of the author’s remarks that also caught my Sales ear;

“We need to separate the idea of risk-taking and recklessness from having original ideas. Originals are initiative-takers; that doesn’t mean they have to be risk-takers.”

Especially good as a disarmer if you’re pitching an idea and facing pushback from not just the risk-averse, but risk-absolute-avoiders.

Then his objection handle for “you don’t know what you’re talking about”, “you’ve no experience in this field”, “you can’t know from outside”. Readily applicable to new product bids for sure;

“Does obeying the laws of gravity make you a physicist?”

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