The Start Of Something Good

The Start Of Something Good

Another sample of where you can take the idea of someone paid lots of money to design a fitting promotional look, and remix it for your own ends.

In this case, I saw an example of the long trusted trope of a word mid-type. Cursor where next input due to appear.

There's plenty of settings for such treatment.

As a banner to announce the work that needs to get begun. Or may be already recently in train. Or might have hit a little bump initially, requiring a revisit.

Especially useful when embarking on a fresh crusade.

Which could be at SKO time of a new financial clock turning over. Or the impetus of new products to sell. Or recalibration of a new way of selling to pursue.

Here, I suggest a play on 'vid'. As in where the journey may be at for those wanting - with the genie well and truly out the bottle - to somehow enjoy video meeting delight.

Also allowing you to use your (or audience) branding colours.

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