ADAPT & Chink to Trust

I know. Ten minutes you might never get back. Yet this clip - smacking of a college project pre-dating at least 2012 - is a thing of satirical Sales beauty.

Team Ramrod helpfully here provide 'Part IV' of their guide, Personal Selling: A Trust-Based Approach.

Like all great sales techniques, complete with its own winning mnemonic. ADAPT;

Assessment Discovery Activation Projection Transition.

SPIN-meisters no doubt drooling.

Yet this framework is for real.

Not made up by clever students taking an instructional video class.

At time of blogging, the first google result describes each stage, also managing to summon the 'hurt and rescue' principle. As a 5-step call plan, it does strike you as a bit of a backronym. And the fact that the number of pages online heralding this 'system' is in single figures probably tells you all you need to know.

Yes, the quintet of labels might not be the most memorable. The whole thing feels a touch too cumbersome. Yet as with all things of this ilk, there is an angle for sales winners among the rubble.

Without ripping up that which is getting you results right now, imagine - or better still, role play with a colleague - a conversation along these lines.

Try restrict yourself to a couple of questions per 'letter'.

You might just be surprised to find one emerge that you feel is a keeper for when in the pressure of a live call.

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