Timing Gone To Pot?

Lovin’ the Cricket T20 World Cup over in Sri Lanka. As usual the best two commentators are Nasser Hussain and David Lloyd. The former for his rampant analysis, the latter for boyish enthusiasm.

Nasser made a great observation the other day when someone ‘played themselves back into nick’ during a knock.

From his experience, he shared that he always recognised when he was in or out of form. When flying, you don’t think. Your rhythm flows effortlessly. When in the midst of a shocking trot, you catch yourself thinking about every ball in the smallest of detail. As he summarised, ‘when you realise you’re thinking, your timing goes to pot’.

Which gives you a chance to do something about it, should you become aware of it.

I fancy this is the same for us sellers.

On your last few calls, how naturally did everything come for you?

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