I added sea-sand to the latest batch of peanut butter and labeled it enriched with organic marine silica. It’s selling like mad.

An opening (made-up, I think) sample from a broadsheet columnist bemoaning us trampled consumers being deliberately ‘caught for suckers’ by marketing and ad people.

He goes on to rail against many a faddish angle used to prise us away from our hard earned.

GI food, ‘upper cylinder lubricant’ in petrol and anything ‘recycled’.

I was reminded of the recent rush to jemmy the term “crypto” into any pitch (& even new company divisions). Really…

I am a fan of the Sales newsjack. Taking from current affairs to add an extra angle to your sell, aimed to help distinguish you from the rest.

I blog frequently in such style.

Likewise bandwagoning the latest trend can score selling points.

I myself was discussing a pitch over the festivities and invoked the spirit of flexitarianism.

Trying to rebalance an end-users ‘diet’ of two choices.

The above example leans towards trying to prove an underlying ethos, in that case, ‘organic’.

We could have something similar. A particular feature which, no matter how small, shows that are thinking is tight on track with future-proofing thoughts.

Can you get on board?

Said columnist – opinionising for over thirty years – tends to end each submission with what he headers Last Laugh. Here’s one on a selling peril:

A building contractor allowed his not-too-bright young nephew to work for him during the school holidays.

One day he sent the lad down to the hardware shop with a list of things they needed.

“I need six 20mm by 200mm boards,” the young fellow said to the salesman.

“How long do you want them?” The salesman asked.

The lad looked a bit puzzled and said: “Forever. We’re building a house.”

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