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I have a lot to say about testimonials.

Only a handful of salespeople truly understand their power. Especially to the extent that they remorselessly chase them down. And quote with abandon. Each time I hear a rep say ‘we can’t divulge confidential info’ I scream. And throw them out the room, advising them to seek a new career.

Even fewer sales forces in general focus on their cultivation and spread.

All you mainly get are ‘the customer loves dealing with us’. We helped with several ‘improvements’. No figures. No hard facts. Just piffle.

Here’s a site I just heard about where ‘good news’ stories that came to be because of a tweet are collated by Twitter. I’d heard of the man that got rescued after being carjacked in S Africa, the amazing weight loss, and the movie deal bagged by first-time author. Other uplifting tales clearly abound.

I very much appreciate the clean, simple design of the homepage. The fact that all sorts of stories are listed. No need to go into all that complex categorising stuff here.

And then you click on one. No real set format. No headings, rigidly repeated across every single one. Just a couple of paragraphs. Succinct. To the point.  A copy of the original tweet that started it all in view, and links below to a couple of others to read next.

If only companies did even just this. Why they continue to over-complicate such essential knowledge and underplay this astronomical sales tool remains a mystery to me.

After, well, then we might be able to address the actual message of each story. But that’s a whole different topic entirely…!

Your list of glowing, compelling customer stories easy at hand?

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