Unbridled Young Singer Expression

I sought out the music of Olivia Dean after seeing her ebullient all-too-brief interview from the Glastonbury Sunday. A bit mono-mellow, sadly not my thang. Yet her dialogue approach certainly is.

A number of aspects struck me. Not least of which was how she maintained levels of bubbly interest despite the uselessness of her interlocuters. Which given the length of tenure of one was stunningly unforgivable yet I guess hardly shocking.

Yet this considered yet exuberant authenticity only added to her kudos. Especially given how often we can get confronted with an arms-folded, engagement-feigning, superficial prospect the other side of the screen.

Not quite what the Italians give us with sprezzatura, yet disarmingly and effectively real all the same.

And all this, throughout the enforced restriction of having to hold a microphone in one hand.

Here's a selection of pointers lending themselves well to also enhancing our demeanour on video sales calls.

First we revel in the uncurbed rawness of her smile.

Then trustworthiness of the outstretched palm.

Counter-balanced with the cheeky back of the hand.

Thumb dominance prevails for Gen Zedders, as portrayed by how she counts with her fingers. Here signalling the long-finger final of her three bullet points.

The finger to the face feature when thinking.

And - noticing the change in mic hand - even a funny-glum zoom wave bye.

Flavours of these certainly prone to leave a similarly positive and 'fresh' imprint on whomsoever we speak with over video.

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